I have a little Discord channel, feel free to join in and meet the community.

Make sure you read the rules and stuff!


Are you open for commissions?


I'm unfortunately not open to commissions right now. Check back again later!



Do you take free requests?


You're welcome to request art of a particular existing character; there aren't any promises or guarantees attached to requests, but enough requests for a particular character or image may prompt me to create a piece that will be made available for sale.


I do read all the messages I get, but as I get lots of free requests I can't answer all the messages. Your understanding is appreciated!



Will you be at (x) show?


A calendar of my upcoming shows is available on the Home page of my site.



How long have you been doing art?


Longer than you, son.



I'm a new / fellow artist, can you give me advice?


I'm a con-artist by trade, which means my experience may or may not pertain to the kind of artistic career you're envisioning.


I'm happy to help artists figure out their way, but always do your research first; there are plenty of Facebook groups and others online that share their experiences, and info like table costs can usually be found on the shows' websites.


I can't give you any secret formula; everyone is different and the formula to a successful artist varies wildly from person to person.

The most important thing is to try and see, and build from there.