2019 Convention Schedule!

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Fan Expo Vancouver

2019 March 1-3

Capital City Comic Con Victoria

2019 May 22-24

Calgary Expo

2019 April 25-28

Northern FanCon

2019 May 3-5

Otafest Calgary

2019 May 17-19

Montreal Comiccon

2019 July 5-7

Ganbatte Saskatoon

2019 July 13-14

Animethon 26

2019 August 11-13

FanExpo Canada

2019 August 22-25

Saskatoon Entertainment Expo

2019 September 14-15

Edmonton Comic and Entertainment Expo

2019 September 20-22


2019 October 25-27

Calgary Expo Holiday Market

2019 November 30

bokchoi who?

isn't that a vegetable

I like to draw stuff in a high-contrast, anime-ish style.

I also like to make my own prints, including some nifty handmade metal ones.

Find me on social media, including Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr, and Twitter.

My work can also be seen on my DeviantArt Gallery.

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