thank you

i mean it this time

I owe a great deal to a lot of wonderful people:

To all my dear travelling companions, including but not limited to the amazing Johnni Kok, Arty McFly, Meagan Brown, and the many others whom I have had the incredibly fortune to travel and spend time with.

To those who have worked so hard to create amazing online art communities, including Sodor Art and The Greatest Pixels, and all the others who put so much of their time and energy into making the internet a welcoming place for artists of all levels.

To all the online streamers who helped me keep my sanity in these wild times of isolation and uncertainty, such as Rob Strange McNamara, RedGreenJr (aka Dave Smith), and so many others across the streaming platforms who put so much into bringing us content and company.

The amazing MSmith Photographics & Engraving Foundry, who uses his laser powers to make things no human hands could.

The incredible Hephaestus Forge Props, who bring the fandom to life with their amazing skills and attention to detail.

My partners in crime in Winnipeg, including the legendary Kid Remington, Bert C Photography, Crowbar Fitness, Manitoba Mando, and the many others in Manitoba who spread their inspiration and creativity.

The artists of artists alley, too numerous to list here, who inspire and motivate me to share my work with the world.

The countless cosplayers who bring comics to life, and volunteer so much of their time in the community for great causes.

And most of all, You, for taking the time to stop by my booth, my website, or my social media, and for all of your support; I couldn't do it without you!